Own a piece of Margaritaville New Orleans while you can!

Most Parrot Heads were saddened last year when it was announced the iconic Margaritaville New Orleans Restaurant was closing its doors. Although it was a bittersweet goodbye, there’s a silver lining within this story. The nice folks at Margaritaville contacted us and offered to donate several items that were used within the restaurant. We jumped on the offer to grab up some great Buffett memorabilia and want to share this opportunity with all our Parrot Head community. So if you’d like to snag your very own piece of the now-closed NOLA Margaritaville, here’s your chance! Just remember, you MUST be a member of a Parrot Head club to take part in this fundraising event.

The items being sold include tables, chairs, barstools and various plates all used in the restaurant. As such, they may have some imperfections but are all in good condition. The money raised from the sale of all NOLA Margaritaville items will benefit the Lone Palm Foundation (LPF), the official charitable organization of PHIP. LPF is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit with the goal of supporting Parrot Heads, and the social and environmental needs and concerns within their communities. The LPF has set up a Parrot Head Emergency Phund with the purpose of providing financial assistance to Parrot Heads in need during a natural disaster.

NOLA barThe items are located in two places: Oklahoma City, OK, and Johnson City, TN. The first round of items we will be selling are all located in Oklahoma City. There will be another sale of all the Johnson City items at a later date. Please keep this in mind as some of the items are rather large, heavy and costly to ship. You will be responsible for coordinating shipping or pickup of any items you purchase. If you live closer to Johnson City, you may want to consider waiting for those items to go on sale.

All items have been set up to view in a Dropbox folder you can see here. As you are looking at items you would like to purchase, I would recommend having one to two alternatives in the event your first choice is not available.

The sale begins Saturday, July 30 at 11 a.m. CT. At that time, you will need to send an email to me, Sara Kessler, Director of Finance for the Lone Palm Foundation, at [email protected]. Please title the email “NOLA OKC Sale”, and in the body of the email state your name, Parrot Head club you belong to, and phone number where you would like me to contact you. I will then begin calling each person based on a first-come, first-served basis until all items are sold. After that point, I will respond to any emails explaining there are no more items available for sale. Please note, any emails sent prior to 11 a.m. CT on July 30 will not be answered.

Pricing for the items are:

  • Tables: $150
  • Chairs: $50
  • Barstools: $75
  • Dinner Plates: 2 for $34 (includes shipping)
  • Small Platters (Three styles available): 2 for $34 (includes shipping)
  • Large (Shark Fin divided) platter: 1 for $50 (includes shipping).

And just one last reminder, you do have to be a member of an official Parrot Head club to purchase any of these items. If you have any questions, please email me (Sara) directly.